Networks reinvented.

Ride the rails of our global network designed from the ground up for Financial Services, Merchant Services, and Telecommunications.
About Global Oculus™

A global network for today's applications and services.

Global Oculus™ has built its network from the ground up with regulatory compliance as a primary component of the framework. The world class hardware and software implementation solves and supports the demand for a feature rich financial services platform and an advance carrier telecommunications network.


Financial Services Transformed

Our global network delivers seamless access to millions of existing merchant endpoints and hundreds of financial institutions.

Global Oculus Financial Benefits


Mobile App

We deliver a comprehensive Mobile App solution with Megacoin and credit card integration for simplified payment choice on demand.


Cryptographic Protection

Megacoin adds an additonal layer of in-network protection to your payment transactions everytime you use Megacoin.


Secure Transactions

With a security algorithm that has been employed since the 1970's, you can safegaurd your funds and purchases with Megacoin.


Exchange Service

Megacoin can be purchased through exchanges with cash or other cryptocurrencies. You can trade Megacoin back into cash or other cryptocurrencies.


Credit Card Use

Megacoin natively integrates into debit and credit card platforms and transacts within the time parameters required by terminals.


Multicurrency Wallet

Megacoin easily integrates into Multicurrency wallets for wallet developers and wallet diversity.

Expect more from your Telecom provider.

Our network was built from the ground up with the latest advancements in telecommunications hardware and software.

Global Oculus Telecommunications Management Interface

Global Oculus provides its customers and agents real-time access to utilization reporting, call detail records and up to the minute costs all from any web browser.



The first cryptocurrency to ride the rails of a facilities-based financial services company employing a global permission-based transaction processing network connected to millions of merchants.
Megacoin Blockchain

Megacoin Virtual Currency

Type :
Global Oculus Blockchain
General release:
100,000,000,000 MC
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General description

Megacoin implemented a permission-based closed architechture cryptocurrency network technology while incorporating a proprietary performance based protocol and algorithms.

Megacoin employs the key benefits of Global Oculus Open Ledger Technology, engineered to operate faster, allowing Megacoin to natively integrate with credit card merchant processors networks and their network of terminals and ATMs, settling transactions on the blockchain in real-time.

Functions of Megacoins

  • Low Transaction Costs
  • Real-time Blockchain settlement
  • Low transaction processing times
  • Integration into the existing merchant networks
  • Native and seamless application use

How it works

Go to your exchange
Buy Megacoin
Use Megacoin to make phone calls and Earn Rewards
Use Megacoin to buy goods or services and Earn Rewards
Sell Megacoin
Transfer Cash back to your bank account

Global Oculus Partners

Megacoin Transaction Algorithm

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